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Evolving Conservation Artist!


I am an American expat living in Asia where each day starts with caring for local street dogs in the coastal community where I live. Born a zoologist, I have recently, and quite surprisingly, evolved to become a conservation artist. More and more I strive to create public awareness on issues from wildlife protection to protecting our planet. My love of art is a gift that was passed to me by my mother, artist Avonelle Kelsey (1931-2009). Having returned to college in mid-life, I am currently a full-time student working on my Master of Fine Arts in Creativity, a program for creative entrepreneurs.

Visit 'Designing Nola' Shops: My work can also be found on a variety of merchandise in several online shops such as Society6, Redbubble, Zazzle, RageOn and more.

My images are copyrighted 2012-2016 Nola Lee Kelsey. All rights are reserved and their use or distribution is strictly prohibited. Message me directly via this site with any questions.

Note: If you are looking for the artwork of my mother, tradition artist Avonelle Kelsey (1931-2009), please visit The Avonelle Kelsey Gallery at:


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